The ECB Effector Building Course for beginners Part3 “Parts and components-2”

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If you want to build your effectors from scratch, You may have a lot of questions and wants to know the tips of them.

We are pleased to announce to launch The ECB Effector Building Course for beginners.The instructor is Hiroshi Ozawa, Sound Project “SIVA”‘s founder. He is also JPBA’s initiator.

This web course would like to introduce not only “How to build it” but also Hiroshi’s recommended tools, parts, etc…

We are providing to the contents that useful for not only effector enthusiasts but also who want to be a professional effect builder.


Hiroshi Ozawa.
Hiroshi Ozawa.
Sound Project “SIVA”’s founder, effect designer and builder. “Siva” is the japan’s most famous “ITA effector” brand. “ITA” means “painful” literally, but it is an “OTAKU” slang in Japan, not a negative meaning.
Almost pedal cover designs are seeking to be functional or cool. However, Siva is going a different way. Siva believes good effector needs a good cover design.He says “If it’s a cute girl? Your motivation will be higher.”
» Sound Project “SIVA”


Part1 “Tools”
Part2 “Parts and components-1”
Part3 “Parts and components-2”
Part4 “Case (chassis) processing”
Part5 “Painting or coating and finishing”
Part6 “Building an electric circuit board”
Part7 “Assembly”
Part8 “Work example”
Part9 “PCB electric board processing(KiCAD)”
※Subject may change without notice.

Part3 “Parts and components-2”

8: Potentiometer (Variable resistor)

A potentiometer (POT) is a resistor in which resistance value changes as turn the shaft, Known as located inside of the volume control on your guitar.

The potentiometer has terminals which numbered 1-3. also, Potentiometer is set on max resistance value one each one almost 500 ohm-1m ohm. 16mm diameter ones are usual for effector production. Also, a 9mm square shape potentiometer which fixed on the circuit board. 

Turn clockwise, the resistance value is increased between #1 and #2 terminal, between #2-#3 is decreased.

Turn clockwise full, the resistance value is Max between #1 and #2 terminal, between #2-#3, is minimum.

The resistance value is fixed between the #1-#3 terminal. 

How changes are the resistance of a Potentiometer (variable resistor)

There is a 3 way to the resistance value changes on the potentiometer. B curve (Liner) that changes linearly, the A Curve (Log) and C curve (Reverse Log) which is the opposite of the A curve. the A-curve or the B-curve is used to effector building.

If you replace the B curve potentiometer instead of the A curve one,It will still work, but there will be a difference in feeling.

In the actual case, if you use a B-curve, which has a linear variation in the volume, You will feel different,” rapidly change the volume”. Sometimes it would be difficult to use. If you use the A-curve to control the volume and increase the volume gradually, You will feel the volume is changed smoothly.

Even if these Potentiometers are the same resistance value but curves are different, You will feel different in the operation and audio.

The shape of the shaft

There are 2 kinds of shapes. The first one is Split shaft another one is a solid shaft. Also, Shaft diameters are 2 standards. Metric(6mm) and Inch standards(1/4 inch).

You should better use Knobs when you put a potentiometer on your effector. It is easy to turn your potentiometer shaft with a knob.

9: Output (input) Jack

1/4 phone jack is usually used in effector building. Also, use the stereo jack on Input, monaural jack on output.

The reason for using the stereo jack for Input is not for receiving a stereo signal, but for turning on the power only when the plug is inserted in Input.

A phone jack has terminals, Moral jack has Tip and sleeve terminals, stereo has Tip, Ring, and sleeve terminals.

2.1mm inside diameter phone jack is used to an electric power supply. Also, you can find a phone jack with the battly joint terminal.

DC Jack has outside and inside, 2 terminals. outside diameter is 5.5mm, inside is 2.1mm.。
2.1mm inside diameter phonejack is used to electric power supply. Also, you can find phone jack with battly joint terminal.

DC Jack has outside and inside, 2 terminals. outside diameter is 5.5mm, inside is 2.1mm.

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SWITCHCRAFT ( スイッチクラフト ) / 11 » SWITCHCRAFT ( スイッチクラフト ) / 11
SWITCHCRAFT ( スイッチクラフト ) / 12B » SWITCHCRAFT ( スイッチクラフト ) / 12B
» 6.3mm モノラルフォンジャック MJ-160M マル信無線電機
» 6.3mm ステレオフォンジャック MJ-161M マル信無線電機

10: Battery snap

For 9v(6P) battery. Almost the effector uses a 9v battery.

It is unbrekable parts, handle with care.Red wire is positive, black one is negative.

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» KeeYees バッテリースナップ 電池スナップ バッテリコネクタ 9V電池用 縦型 Iタイプ 黒いプラスチック製 10個入り

11: switches

The footswitch is an essential part of effectors. There are many kinds of switches. 3PDT(3 poles double throw), DPDT(Double poles double throw, SPDT(Single pole double throw) switches are used to effector on/Off switch.

Toggle switches also are used to effector building. Not only On-On switch but also On-Off-On switch with the middle position.

12: chassis

An effector chassis needs tough and neat materials. Aluminum Die-cast chassis is the best choice. Because effector is always controlled by your foot. That is why Sometimes effector is called “Stompbox”. Another reason, It is easy to make holes processing.

Tiny size pedal chassis is better to put a pedalboard. but sometimes it is hard to build effectors. You should better to choose the appropriate size. Hammond 1590B is the most popular effector chassis in the world. Also, large size 1590A, Mini size 1590BB are best sellers.

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» 【HAMMOND】 ハモンド社製純正品 ダイキャストアルミケース 1590B エフェクター自作用 無塗装 1個 HMD-1590B-NCx1
» 【TD型アルミダイキャストボックス】 TD6-11-3N

13: Wires

Use for connecting each part. You can find the film covered or bare wires. You don’t need to buy a large amount of the wire with a reel. It is enough just only a few meters for your first effector building.

Twisted wire and solid wire.

Twisted wire is unbreakable but sometimes it spreading and hard to through the small halls of the circuit. Solid wire is easy to handling, but sometimes breakable if you bend a few times. The appropriate wire gauge for effector building.are AWG42-AWG22 wires.

MONTREUX ( モントルー ) / Belden #8503 Green 1 meter [1675] » MONTREUX ( モントルー ) / Belden #8503 Green 1 meter [1675]

14: Heat Shrink tube

This is a part is using for electric insulation purposes. You can avoid an inadvertent short circuit.

A tube with a diameter of 3 mm is easy to use for effector building. Shrink with a soldering iron or dryer.

住友電工ファインポリマー ( スミトモファインポリマー ) / SUMITUBE F 3Φ » 住友電工ファインポリマー ( スミトモファインポリマー ) / SUMITUBE F 3Φ
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